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Program: Psychology of Religion - Università Cattolica Milano - a.a. 2014-2015

Docente: Prof. Mario Aletti

Course Aims:

The aim of the course will be an introduction to the critical understanding of the psychological processes of religious identity in the contemporary context.

Course Content:

- The psychology of religion, between the psychosocial perspective and the clinical one. The plurality of levels of observation and complexity of the attitude towards religion. The Multilevel Interdisciplinary Paradigm of Paloutzian and Park.

- The psycho-analytical perspective of the “need to believe”: from Freud to Julia Kristeva. The Winnicott model of transitional phenomena and its application to the cultural, aesthetic and religious experience.

- Religiosity and attachment. Values and limits of hypotheses on the relationships between childhood attachment, adult attachment and the religious relationship.

- New perspectives in the psychology of religion in relation to the neurobiological, cognitive and evolutionary approach.

- The question of sexual abuse in the Church. Psycho-clinical and relational aspects.

Reading List:

M. Aletti, Percorsi di psicologia della religione alla luce della psicoanalisi. Aracne, Roma, 2010.

M. Aletti, - P. Galea,  Preti pedofili? La questione degli abusi sessuali nella Chiesa. Cittadella, Assisi, 2011

In addition,

A. For students attending the course: lecture notes.

B. For students not attending the course:

One book for in-depth study to be chosen (only the chaps. agreed with the Lecturer):

M. Aletti, My concern with psychology of religion: Defending psychology, respecting religion. In J. A. Belzen (edited by), Psychology of religion: Autobiographical accounts (pp. 19-41). Springer, New York, 2012.

M. Aletti – D. Fagnani –  G. Rossi (edited by), Religione: cultura, mente e cervello. Nuove prospettive in psicologia della religione/Religion: culture, mind and brain. New perspectives in psychology of religion, C. S. E., Torino, 2005.

F. De Nardi - R. Scardigno (edited by),L’Io, l’altro, Dio. Religiosità e narcisismo. Aracne, Roma, 2012.

M. Palmer, Freud, Jung e la religione. C. S. E., Torino, 2000.

R. W. Hood Jr., B. Spilka, B. Hunsberger, R. Gorsuch, La psicologia della religione. Prospettive empiriche e psicosociali. C. S. E., Torino, 2001.

R. F. Paloutzian - C. L. Park, (edited by), Handbook of the psychology of religion and spirituality, Guildford, New York, 2013.

J. KristevaBisogno di credere, Donzelli, Roma, 2006.

G. Rossi, - M. Aletti (edited by), Psicologia della religione e teoria dell'attaccamento. Aracne, Roma, 2009.

Teaching Method:

Lectures in the lecture room. Slides shown during lectures and other support material will be available on the Blackboard platform. The possibility of research in seminars and individual in-depth study.

Assessment Method:

Oral examinations, with the possibility of discussion of individual papers.